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Offseasonal Help

The offseason has continued to be a pressure cooker of excitement for Blue Jays fans.......NOT! Sean and Eds are back at the Shed and once again have some opinions on Troy Tulowitzki who has finally left town but still holds... Continue Reading →

Baby Birds, It’s Cold Outside.

Sean and Ed's are back with some more talk about the Jays. The winter meetings are over and the boys get back in the stud to talk about some recent turnover. Josh Donaldson signs with Atlanta and reunites with former... Continue Reading →


In an episode featuring an uncharacteristic amount of talk about the Boston Red Sox, Sean and Eds return to The Jays Shed to talk about the BoSox World Series victory and their admiration for AL MVP Mookie Betts. There's a... Continue Reading →

World Series, Looking Ahead, and a Long Story

The boys are back in the Jays Shed to make some comments on the upcoming World Series. Sean and Eds are tasked with a tough decision choosing between two perceived evils. Some speculation on next years Blue Jays roster and... Continue Reading →

Picking Up the Pieces

As the season winds to a close Sean and Eds welcome Brodie Stevenson back into the Jays Shed to talk about some big changes since their last meeting. Brodie laments the fact that opposing teams are now using the Blue... Continue Reading →

Honky Tonk Heroes

It's been a long time since we have been in the Jays Shed for the Bird Baby Birds podcast. Sean and Eds welcome Brodie Stevenson of The Honky Tonk Zeros into the studio to discuss his love of baseball. He'll... Continue Reading →

Weathering April Showers

April is over. It's early May and after a month of play in the 2018 MLB season the Toronto Blue Jays are on pace for 90 wins. Repeat, the Toronto Blue Jays are on pace for 90 wins. Who would... Continue Reading →

Wings of Spring

As spring training winds down for another year Sean and Ed's head for the shed for a short visit ahead of the zone20 fantasy draft. Sean gives Eds the scoop on what might be expected from the Blue Jays in... Continue Reading →

Offseason Musings: Function and Flexibility

As spring training rolls around for another year, pitchers and catchers report, position players follow soon after and fans like Sean and Eds climb out of their dungeons of winter hibernation to greet the upcoming season. Some fans would scoff... Continue Reading →

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