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Bird Baby Birds: Welcome To The Jays Shed

Welcome back for a third season with Sean and Eds behind the mic. Things have changed slightly as we have gone with a new name, we are now bringing you our humble opinions from The Jays Shed and speaking our... Continue Reading →

2 Blue Jays Who Need to Stay Healthy

Tomorrow afternoon Blue Jays fans will get to see Troy Tulowitzki and Russell Martin in┬átheir first taste of spring training action. Both players are superstars but somehow in the Blue Jays clubhouse - filled with an MVP, the Stro-show and... Continue Reading →

Lets Not Get Dramatic

Let's take a breath. Camp has only just begun and the drama has been comparative to a broadway show on twitter and turf: The hero - adored by his fans - calls out to the gods and scorns the powers that be.... Continue Reading →

Alomar Makes Case for Getting Two Birds Stoned at Once

Thanksgiving. A time for reflection. A time for joy. A time to be thankful. These are some of the things most people think of around the holidays. For the old guard of Jays fans a particular Thanksgiving weekend of yesteryear... Continue Reading →

5 New Faces at The Dome

We now stand in the aftermath of what was inarguably the most exciting season in recent memory for fans of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club. A season deemed to be a watershed year right from the beginning. Questions about... Continue Reading →

Blue Jays Fantasy Draft team 2001-2010

Let's start off by saying this: this is a trivial practice done with the benefit of hindsight that makes me realize what a sad baseball nerd I am. With that out of the way lets get to the good stuff.... Continue Reading →

Bautista and Jays need to come together for the fans

After the 2011 season the Red Sox management were scrambling. They were in the midst of the Chicken'n'Beer scandal. After a horrendous final month that saw them blow their lead in the AL East and eventually miss the playoffs many... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Sean and Eds Do Baseball!

Enter, Sean DeCory and Ryan Edwards. Baseball Junkies, Bloggers, Level-headed Complainers, Athletes (shut up - define athlete), Flex Pack Holders, 500 Level Dwellers and Hosts of the Sean and Eds do Baseball podcast. Two fans brought together in the early... Continue Reading →

MLB Power Rankings Start of Spring Training

30 - Braves - Only two more seasons til 2018! Great work trading Simmons and Miller! 29 - Reds - God we wish Joey Votto played on a better team. The rebuild has begun at least. 28 - Rockies -... Continue Reading →

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