We now stand in the aftermath of what was inarguably the most exciting season in recent memory for fans of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club. A season deemed to be a watershed year right from the beginning. Questions about the future of the club loomed from the day pitchers and catchers would report to Dunedin in early spring right through to the final days of October. Questions which had answers that no Blue Jays fan would have expected with the results on the field throughout the dog days of summer.

It was a euphoric year nonetheless. New fans, and old fans collectively flocked to the ballpark as the Blue Jays squad steamrolled through the competition following a raucous series against the Kansas City Royals in late July that some pundits would say “galvanized” the team. A team that began the season with veteran power hitters in Jose Bautista, and Edwin Encarnacion, stud infielder Josh Donaldson and veteran catcher Russ Martin suddenly saw nearly every facet of the club upgraded with the acquisitions of shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, outfielder Ben Revere, and of course ace pitcher David Price. Mark Lowe and Latroy Hawkins would bolster the pen and would ultimately be a strong veteran influence on the young stable of relievers.

On their way to the first division title and postseason appearance for the team in 22 years, the Jays gathered a slew of followers in a city where sports fans have been starved of a winner for decades.

A Crazed 500 Dweller

Many were barely even born when Joe Carter took the 2-2 pitch from Mitch Williams deep over the left field wall of the then Skydome for a second straight World Series championship back in October 1993. With all the excitement stirred up by the amazing run of the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays , and by Bautista’s now infamous bat flip the Roger’s Centre is sure to play host to many new faces. Watch for these types around the ballpark in 2016:


Description: This fan is most likely a late season band wagon rider from 2015. A casual fan who often fails to consider the bigger picture and thus they are quick to judge any decision made by a new management that doesn’t have folk hero executive Alex Anthopolous in the fold.

Appearance: David Price Jersey – Jays Car Window Flag – Man Bun.

Common Phrases: Alex would have signed him. – MLB hates Canada! – #fireshapiro.


Description: Among their friends they follow the team the closest. Typically critical of the field manager’s decisions in a vain attempt to appear more knowledgeable than the rest of the group.

Appearance: Roberto Alomar Jersey – White Panel Hat – Crackerjacks

Common Phrases: Hit and Run! – Why’s he pulling him?! / Should have pulled him in the 5th! – should have bunted him over to second (with 1 out or more) –  #firegibbons


Description: A casual fan who will usually spend 40+ dollars for a seat along the baselines but spends most of their time and money at the WestJet Flight Deck. Typically heckling opposing outfielders or harassing women outside the Skydome.

Appearance: Aviator glasses – Off colour Jays hat – Chinstrap beard.

Common Phrases: You Suck Trout! (always an all-star) – You got this round bro? – (seriously, we heard somebody say this)  Hey baby, why don’t you come sit on my face and we’ll give you a nice ride home? – -Why would you keep score? You know there’s a scoreboard, right?


Description: A NEW fan that often will make futile attempts to appear as though their fandom dates back much further than it in fact does. With the reality being they were only a casual fan at best throughout the last two decades.

Appearance: Counterfeit Joe Carter jersey – Back 2 Back jacket – BJ Birdy pin

Common Phrases: I remember 93 & 94 – Well then who won in ’94?- -I was at the Dome for Stieb’s no hitter – who’s Shawn Green? (or any Jay between 95-2010).


Description: This person would define fair weather fan. If they actually followed the team that is. This fan has embraced that the dome is “the place to be” and will stop at nothing to ensure they have the perfect selfie so every follower on twitter and instagram knows they were there. Most likely chatting and catching up with a large group of friends throughout the game, but cheering absurdly loud when they realize something exciting has happened, even though they have no idea what inning it is or in some cases – what just happened.

Appearance: Jose Bautista t-shirt –  Perfect hair – 47 Hat – Selfie Stick

Common Phrases: When’s this over? – Should we make a reservation? – Let’s go to the bar! –  Like my photo! – Ok, whats this guy do?