Let’s take a breath. Camp has only just begun and the drama has been comparative to a broadway show on twitter and turf:

The hero – adored by his fans – calls out to the gods and scorns the powers that be. Uncompromisingly he demands to receive compensation for his righteous actions, now unblinded to the inner workings of the system, he knows his worth and will sell his soul for no less. At the same time we are told one of his 24 brothers – a one legged lumberjack, wounded in a previous campaign – is cast away, and rumoured to be supplanted by a potential replacement for our hero. But alas he returns because someone got hurt or has a bad shoulder or something?

Alright that may be over doing it, but it has been a wild start to things. On Monday evening I was literally thinking – how long will it take some idiot to buy a Jay Bruce Blue Jays jersey once they went on sale? I for one was interested (though not thrilled) when I heard of the pending deal. To me it was a 1-year AL tryout for a guy who has had success (tho not recently) hitting at the big league level (with a potential 2nd year) . Even with his horrendous OBP, lots of strikeouts and average at best defence, I had no reason to believe he would be any worse than Michael Saunders. I knew he would hit more bombs, strikeout more but ultimately be more of a presence in the lineup. At the same time I don’t think one knowledgable, non-sociopathic Blue Jays fan would not have felt bad for Saunders, who now has a chip on his shoulder heading into camp. What was supposed to be a feel good story of a good ‘ol Canadian boy playing for his country (even though Seattle was thousands of miles closer to where he was born), has turned into a sideshow of injuries, comebacks and now this. No doubt Saunders more than anybody will want to show their worth this coming season.

The move also raised an eyebrow, with many saying “Bruce plays RF, maybe this a reaction to the Bautista demand.”

That assertion is stupid. Especially when you consider this was not the first time this winter that the Jays went after Bruce. Yes it would give the Jays more flexibility if Jose leaves, but any person given the choice between two would probably slap you and ask why you even asked that question? Remember as well, if they do re-sign Jose, who says they resign EE too. Maybe Bruce and Bautista split time at DH and RF in 2017? OK I proved my irrelevant point, because the trade didn’t happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we keep hearing rumours right up until August.

As for Jose, I already made my plea for compromise and level heads . It seems he didn’t listen. But at this point I officially say -fuck it. Can you blame him for addressing the problems with the ownership structure in Toronto? He did what he wanted, not call out the Gm or even President, but call out the owners directly, the ones who will ultimately decide his fate as a Toronto Blue Jay.