FullSizeRenderDebatably, the longest week of the year for a baseball fan is upon us. Seven more harrowing days of waiting until baseball returns and seasonal depression subsides.
Sean and Eds are back in the studio. Well, in fact it is a new studio but the podcast is the same. This time on Birds Baby Birds we discuss the results of Blue Jays spring training as it winds down, how the Blue Jays pitching rotation shapes up and matches up against the AL East, and the Jays apparent interest in free agent catcher Derek Norris which came as a surprise to Eds given the performance of Jarrod Saltalamachia. We also touch upon the addition of Kendrys Morales, how new data from MLB’s stat cast shows how he has strong potential to thrive in Toronto, and finally Sean and Eds go back in time over the last decade and briefly discuss some of Toronto’s misses on position players drafted in the first round.

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