Lansing Lugnuts Game – July 2015

Sean and Eds are back in the Jays Shed again and find a lot of good news and bad news as all roads begin to point to Miami and the annual All Star Game, the unofficial halfway point of the 162 game marathon that is the baseball season. The bad news is the Jays are still under .500, the good news is they have at 15-9 record since the last episode so things are looking up. It seems the carriage has turned back to a pumpkin for Kevin Pillar, but Justin Smoak appears to have figured something out for real this time. Lets hope he’s not Michael Saunders II.

Listen in as Sean and Eds talk about a few Jays prospects that have been ripping it up in the minors, and a possible change in mindset for drafting. Check it out here on the BIRD BABY BIRDS PODCAST.